Friday, August 12, 2011

All is Good in The Neighborhood

So the other day was just what I said it was, a scare. Super scary to be exact. His blood results came back normal so my baby is fine. He must of just gotten into something he shouldn't have. Since he hadn't had breakfast yet, he upchucked nothing and that probably really wore him out. I heard sometimes dogs get really winded when they vomit too hard. Either way yesterday he was fine. I took him to the dog park and he wanted to play with all the big doggies, but he's too little yet, so I leave him in the 30lbs and under. He would run around if he had another dog to play with but the little dogs rarely come to the dog park. He likes to sniff and playfully growl at the big dogs when they come up to the fence. When he's bigger I'll let him go over there and play, but for now he will just have to wait a little longer. What an interesting week. I hope everyone else had a good one.
I feel much better thanks for everyone who was concerned.

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