Monday, August 15, 2011

Halloween Planning

So my favorite time of year is Fall. I especially LOVE Halloween. I've been anxiously awaiting it's arrival, and so to pass the time I have been searching for costumes for Finnley (lucky him). Now I was originally just searching for a festive collar which will probably be this one with the candy corn.. 
Which I think is super cute and simple. I originally saw this next costume earlier on in the summer. I thought aw Finn would definitely look cute in this. 

...but it got kinda mixed reviews and I thought he probably won't keep it on at all. So that will just be a faded memory :P


I found... 

This costume.... 

NOT ONLY... is this what Finnley is going to look like full grown, but THIS LOOKS HILARIOUS!!! haha... I have to get this pooch some bat wings... it's so cute I can hardly stand it. The little orange thing around the neck is kinda weird... the head piece is funny but I doubt Finn would keep it on... but those wings... I have to have! hahaha.

Oh man, So today we went for a walk. He walked for a good 20 mins when he decided he didn't want to walk any more. So he started to turn around and run back in the direction of the house. He was panting really hard when we got home so I thought he'd take a good nap... immediately after 10 mins of resting he went and jumped on the cat... (will their shenanigans ever stop?!) -_-  However, after romping around the room with my cat, he has now decided to sleep. ALSO... I think he has given up on trying to sleep under my bed. Last night he slept outside of it next to the edge. I think he finally realized he was too big. It's fun to try and find him though, because he finds all sorts of new locations to nap.  
Any ways... I hope you all enjoyed the little Halloween escapade. I sure did :] 
Now I definitely can't wait for Halloween.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finnley The Red Corgi???

So my little Finn is doing much better than the other day. Although he is getting rather ornery. He has discovered that the stairs going into the basement aren't as scary as he thought. Thus, creating a whole new level of the house I will have to puppy proof -_- Nothing is really down there except the litter box, my cat's hideout, and my dad's work area. He has already managed to sneak down there once yesterday and proceeding to poop on the floor. Then today, he decided to venture down and urinate.  He's getting quite stubborn too. I think he is hitting "teenager" years really fast. He does what he wants and ignores your command. I have to repeat myself a few times before he finally listens. I know he knows what I'm saying because he used to respond to it. Now he is just a little more relaxed and does what he wants. He also is really chompy too. He has been chomping on me a lot and I think that has to do with teething. I bought him some new chewy toys hoping that will help. I don't know what I'm going to do with this little rascal.

The other night I was looking at old baby pictures of him (aww so sad he is getting so big now). I noticed that he has lightened up and is still lightening up so much. If he doesn't stop, he will become a red corgi! :P Just look at these pictures...

See... he has receding black hair :P Anyone else find their dog lightening up a lot?? I find it interesting and fun to look at pictures from a while back to see how much they have changed...
Such a fun pup though. Today after a storm rolled through, he went outside with my dad... and they both just kind of stood there watching as the storm rolled away. Was a precious moment. When I went to take a picture they had moved. But it was funny and I loved how Finn looked so interested in the storm.
He's my little wombat and I love him :) Probably going to take him to the dog park tomorrow. Hopefully there will be smaller dogs there to check out!

Hope you have a good Sunday!

Michelle & Finnley

Friday, August 12, 2011

All is Good in The Neighborhood

So the other day was just what I said it was, a scare. Super scary to be exact. His blood results came back normal so my baby is fine. He must of just gotten into something he shouldn't have. Since he hadn't had breakfast yet, he upchucked nothing and that probably really wore him out. I heard sometimes dogs get really winded when they vomit too hard. Either way yesterday he was fine. I took him to the dog park and he wanted to play with all the big doggies, but he's too little yet, so I leave him in the 30lbs and under. He would run around if he had another dog to play with but the little dogs rarely come to the dog park. He likes to sniff and playfully growl at the big dogs when they come up to the fence. When he's bigger I'll let him go over there and play, but for now he will just have to wait a little longer. What an interesting week. I hope everyone else had a good one.
I feel much better thanks for everyone who was concerned.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning Scare

So I know it's been awhile since I've written a post, but I've been pretty busy trying to enjoy the last few days of summer and working. I was going to write one last night, but promptly fell asleep after some time in the sun. All apologies aside, I finally have some news to write about. This morning after getting up and taking Finnley out to do his business... we were walking around the house.  All of a sudden he takes off down the hallway and runs under a chair. We thought he was just hiding from us, then he ran behind the couch and started vomiting. Promptly after vomiting he fell over and tensed up. It was like he almost passed out. I don't know if he just got super winded from vomiting so hard or dizzy or whatever. I was so scared and freaked out that I immediately called the vet and they squeezed in an appointment. He was acting fine after he got up and went to the vet. They said he looked normal, but they wanted to take some blood work just to be safe. I'm all about being safe rather than sorry. After an experience with my parent's dog, I wanted to double check... TRIPLE check everything :P I'm just a worried mommy I guess. I can't imagine what it would be like to have human children... because that was scary stuff for me to experience with a fur baby.
Poor little guy. He had quite the morning and tuckered himself out.

Any way, he seems fine now. I'll know more tomorrow or Friday on the blood. Keep your fingers crossed that there isn't anything seriously wrong.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finnley the Fish

So, I tried to get Finnley to swim in the pool yesterday and he just didn't enjoy it. It kinda scared him. I'm really bummed because I was really hoping he'd like to get wet with us. I'm so jealous of those corgis who swim like it's the best thing in the world. Maybe he will like it next year when he's a little bigger. He was pretty tuckered out after we got home though.
He was upside down with his legs sticking out from under my bed.

In other news, I won Finnley a coupon for a free bag of Innova food. Pretty stoked about that because I never win anything. I'm sure he will enjoy it! So thanks Kelly over there at Corgi Butts!

So does anyone have any swimming corgi stories?

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Relaxing, enjoying some t.v. when all of a sudden a horrendous smell fills the air. You glance at your boyfriend and say "Gee wiz, was that you?!" and they reply "Gross, no. Was that you?" When both of you finally stop arguing who did it, you realize it was the dog... sleeping under the bed.

Yep, as hilariously gross as it is, my little bundle of joy is a gassy one. I'm attributing it to him eating WAY too fast. He barely takes a breath when he eats. I know that can be a cause of flatulence in a dog. I got him that Starmark bob-a-lot toy to help him slow down. I have seen improvements since I've gotten it for him. I fed him pretty much every meal in it for about a week. Then yesterday, I gave him his food in a bowl and he seemed to slow it down a bit. I feel like it's helped the stench a little, but I may have to switch foods. Any one have any ideas on a good food for a gassy pooch? I may have to do some more research.

With the lovely summer months, come creepy crawly bugs. My dear little Finn found himself exploring the yard tonight.  I heard a buzzing noise and saw him carrying around a cicada. AW YUCK! Puppies are so goofy. He just wanted to carry that cicada on the in the house and was very disgruntled when I declined it at the door. 

I think he forgave me because he is currently upside down next to me sleeping.

He sleeps so funny. How can one not love him! I just adore his little doggy stretches. AHHH he just kills me with cuteness every day! I'm so lucky to have him! Hopefully I can go to Petsmart tomorrow. He really needs a bigger collar. Hope he doesn't mind going with me. I'm sure he won't :P.

I will leave you with one more picture... 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Michelle & Finnley

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pine Cone Bandit

Newest discovery today... pine cones.

Every time I've taken Finnley out today he casually walks out, does his business, then casually explores, then out of no where I see him take off. I knew exactly what he had grabbed. Now he was making a run for it to the house.  I let him munch on it for just a few minutes because I don't think it's smart to let him chew on it and get those tiny pieces stuck in his throat. He sure looks funny carrying it around though. Such a cutie.

Let's see what else is on my mind... OH! I would like to get Finnley a buddy. I think he'd love to have a buddy to play with and what not. I love Corgis and reading all these blogs about Corgis I see a trend. They all have 2 corgis. I really would like to get another but the cost is kind of high. It would be really awesome to have a red one or cardigan. What are some pluses to having 2 corgis? I'd like to really consider this.

Late Night Update

I'm kind of a night owl. I just seem to get more done when the world is all asleep and quiet, no distractions... most of all a sleeping puppy. :) A few great things to talk about for sure, and I just couldn't wait till morning!

First up, dog park update. We went to the dog park this evening and it went better than expected. Finnley just loved exploring and sniffing. He stayed glued to my hip most of the time. He sniffed  a few big dogs, but for the most part stayed close. He was very well behaved all the way there and on the way home. I think it was a little too hot for my little guy. We were only there a half hour if that and I think he got a little over heated. I didn't really drink the water I had for him so I just took him home. We didn't even make it out of the parking lot and he ralphed in the car. He seemed fine after I got him home and in the air conditioning. He loves to be cold he sleeps right next to the vent under my bed. I felt bad for the little guy. I think we will wait till it cools down a bit more before another visit. I can't wait to visit again though. He needs some friends so he will stop pouncing the cat. Let's face it I don't think he will stop doing that for awhile :p.

Second on my list I ordered some really cool bumper stickers today from our new friends Kelly and Gibson. I love Kelly's store. If you don't know about it you can find it here. Kelly has an adorable corgi named Gibson and a very adorable corgi store. I just loved these two graphics and can't wait to put them on my car :).
Can't wait to get them in the mail! I'm super excited Kelly!

Last on my list I'd like to talk about how friendly the corgi community has been so far. I feel like Finn and I have been welcomed with open arms. Lots of great people here and I can't wait to meet more. One thing I'd really be interested in is the Paw It Forward thing I've seen people do. It's so cute to see how excited those dogs get to get mail! Let me know if any of you would be interested in participating in it or know some one who is.
Whelp better get some shut eye. That pup gets up pretty early.

Night all,
Michelle & Finnley

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Much Finnley, So Little Time

I've been documenting like crazy lately. Taking the camera out constantly. Which is unusual for me. Usually I just rely on my "mental camera" and regret it later. NOT TODAY. After I saw the small selection of puppy pictures I had, and how fast my little one was growing, I decided I needed to take more pictures before he was a puppy no longer. Today, we started off with playing "towel" one of Finnley's favorites as of late. I was folding towels the other day and he kept stealing them. When he stole an old worn out beach towel,  I continued to egg him on. He just loved getting covered and "attacking" from under the towel.
Now you see me...
Now you don't...
Silly dog. As promised here is the newest toy Finnley likes to play with. He loves water bottles and hoards them like a squirrel. When I was a Target I saw a cute skunk with a water bottle inside. I bought it because I thought it was a cute way to utilize those darn water bottles that are lying all over my floor. It's called Pawdoodles Krinklers Skunk. 
It squeaks, crackles and crinkles! It's a Pawdoodle Krinkler! Strong durable plush skunk dog toy with a recyclable plastic water bottle inside to make the noise. Easy to replace. Squeaker in head and tail. 
Finnley loves his little skunk. I've already had to replace the bottle once since I've gotten it, but it's really easy to do. There is a little pouch under his tail that you can remove and replace the bottle. You can get one of these on Amazon for like $10 bucks. Not bad at all really. 

On a side note, the vet said that Finnley will be losing teeth soon which means he will be teething. I caught him chewing on a flip flop yesterday so I know it's not far. Any good suggestions on what type of toy is good for a teething pooch? I know Kong makes some good ones. I really need to just take him to Petsmart and see what he gravitates towards. I'd hate to buy him toys that he has no interest in. 

Also, I really want to take him to the dog park now that he has all of his shots, but I'm kinda nervous about letting him "loose." I really want him to burn off some energy and let him run around. He loves to go nuts in the house and it would be nice to let him go. We don't have a fenced in yard, so he is always on his leash. I'm just a little leery of him getting into trouble while hes off the leash and then running from me. Eventually he will park it though... his bursts don't last THAT long. I think he'll be alright. I'm going to talk him around the park before we actually go "in" it and see how he reacts. He doesn't really mind other dogs, but I haven't really had him around other dogs since the 4th of July. It will be a learning experience. I just really want to get him socialized. Whelp, in the next entry I'll let you know how the dog park went and possibly Petsmart. Here's to having some dawgy fun and getting this pup socialized! 

Have a good Wednesday,

Michelle & Finnley

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Hello every buddy! Happy Tuesday!
Last night I got an idea to do a blog post on one of Finnley's favorite toys. I love this toy because it keeps him entertained and slows down his eating. I don't know if any of you have a puzzle feeder, but I saw this one on Dogs 101 and thought, this might be a great toy for my curious corgi! I hopped on Amazon and bought it for about $14.99. It's called StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy and I got the small one since he is a small pup, but I plan to get him the bigger one as he grows. What really sold me on this item was another corgi owner's comment on the item. At the bottom on the reviews she said how much her Corgis LOVED the bob-a-lot. My Corgi loves it too! I took some pictures. Basically you fill the dog toy up. It can take up to about 1 cup of food maybe a little more depending on the size of the chunks. There are two chamber doors to adjust how much food flow comes out. I usually leave both wide open so he can get to it easier. Then put it on the floor and let your dog go to town. They will enjoy stomping it around and letting it roll around the kitchen. For example...

In my next post, I plan to talk about this skunk water bottle toy he has. Finnley LOVES water bottles more than anything in the world and has them stashed all over the house like a little squirrel. When I went to Target I stumbled upon this adorable skunk. When I picked it up I felt a water bottle inside and knew I had to have it. Any ways, I'll post pictures and tell ya more about the skunk in the next post. Have a good rest of the day!

Michelle & Finnley

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Feisty Puppy Named Finnley

If you are a Corgi enthusiast you know exactly how heartwarming it is to have a Corgi companion. I have been a Corgi mommy for about 3 months now and have been loving ALMOST every minute of it. Let me introduce you to my feisty little friend, Finnley.
He is about 3 months old in this picture and munchin' on some shower puffs. We bought new ones today and gave him the old ones. He absolutely loved them. Any ways, back to the original story :p I fell in love with the Corgi breed awhile back when I saw someone with an adorable puppy. Her name was Pheobe. So cute and my heart just melted. I never thought I'd actually get one (due to the price) and the fact that I still had an amazing dog at the time named Bear. My love for them went by the way side and life kept continuing on. Until about a year ago I lost that amazing dog named Bear unexpectedly to liver cancer. It came out of no where and was never detected at his visits to the vet. He became weak all of a sudden and could hardly stand. They found a mass in his liver about the size of a softball. They tried to operate but the little sweetheart was just too weak to recover. I lost a very good friend of 7 years that day and it broke my heart.  After that incident my mom and I decided it was just way too quiet in our house, but we were still heart broken from our loss. We decided to wait till I moved home from my final year at school to purchase a new family member. Fast forward a few months to April, my birthday month. I was starting to get really anxious and really wanted to have a new puppy when I moved home. Throughout the year I would look for dogs that needed homes and research breeds and what not. I just kept reading about Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I was absolutely in love with how cute their little smiles and tooshies were. I tried to talk my mom into getting one and she was not sold at first. "He's too tiny." We have always had larger dogs. After awhile she grew to like the breed. Then money became the issue. However, with graduation coming up, what a better way to congratulate a new college graduate than with an adorable corgi puppy?! Yep that's right we split the cost half and half. I then looked for a breeder around the area and found new puppies that were ready to go in June. JUNE!! I was moving home in May and was very anxious to get a puppy. However, I patiently awaited for June.  It helped to get adorable pictures such as these from the breeder.
First picture of Finnley
About 5 weeks

7ish weeks
I fell in love and could not wait for this baby boy. FINALLY June came and I went to go get my beloved puppy. The breeder told me to meet her about 45 mins to her work from my house. I drove to pick him up and wouldn't you know it... she FORGOT to bring the dog to work. I couldn't believe it. I was so devastated. She felt really bad and told me she would go home after work (about an hour away) and pick him up and drive him to me. (phew) I was immediately excited/nervous again.  After a rendezvous at a local McDonald's, I met the most adorable puppy that would change my world. He was so tiny. On the way home he was so snuggled into my neck. I loved it. I brought him home and he immediately started playing in the grass. After the adventure through the house, he passed out on a donut.
Ever since that first day he has been growing like a weed. He has days of ups and downs. Today he received the last of his puppy shots so now I feel safer about taking him places and introducing him to people. I can't wait to take him to Petsmart and the dog park! 

He love's water bottles and chasing the cat (cat doesn't like it so much). It's been extremely hot outside so I haven't really gotten the chance to take him on long walks or anything like that. We did go for a picnic the other day and he lovvvved it. With fall approaching, I will definitely take him on more walks and adventures so please stay tuned for all that! Also, I have plans for an adorable Halloween costume! (Yes I know it's a smidge too far away, but hey! he will be one cute puppy!)

Again, welcome to the journey of Michelle & Finnley. It's bound to be a wild ride. It has been so far :)