Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finnley the Fish

So, I tried to get Finnley to swim in the pool yesterday and he just didn't enjoy it. It kinda scared him. I'm really bummed because I was really hoping he'd like to get wet with us. I'm so jealous of those corgis who swim like it's the best thing in the world. Maybe he will like it next year when he's a little bigger. He was pretty tuckered out after we got home though.
He was upside down with his legs sticking out from under my bed.

In other news, I won Finnley a coupon for a free bag of Innova food. Pretty stoked about that because I never win anything. I'm sure he will enjoy it! So thanks Kelly over there at Corgi Butts!

So does anyone have any swimming corgi stories?

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  1. Our corgi, Toby, hated baths at home in the bathtub, but absolutely loves swimming in the lake. He has so much fun, he could play for hours in the water :)