Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finnley The Red Corgi???

So my little Finn is doing much better than the other day. Although he is getting rather ornery. He has discovered that the stairs going into the basement aren't as scary as he thought. Thus, creating a whole new level of the house I will have to puppy proof -_- Nothing is really down there except the litter box, my cat's hideout, and my dad's work area. He has already managed to sneak down there once yesterday and proceeding to poop on the floor. Then today, he decided to venture down and urinate.  He's getting quite stubborn too. I think he is hitting "teenager" years really fast. He does what he wants and ignores your command. I have to repeat myself a few times before he finally listens. I know he knows what I'm saying because he used to respond to it. Now he is just a little more relaxed and does what he wants. He also is really chompy too. He has been chomping on me a lot and I think that has to do with teething. I bought him some new chewy toys hoping that will help. I don't know what I'm going to do with this little rascal.

The other night I was looking at old baby pictures of him (aww so sad he is getting so big now). I noticed that he has lightened up and is still lightening up so much. If he doesn't stop, he will become a red corgi! :P Just look at these pictures...

See... he has receding black hair :P Anyone else find their dog lightening up a lot?? I find it interesting and fun to look at pictures from a while back to see how much they have changed...
Such a fun pup though. Today after a storm rolled through, he went outside with my dad... and they both just kind of stood there watching as the storm rolled away. Was a precious moment. When I went to take a picture they had moved. But it was funny and I loved how Finn looked so interested in the storm.
He's my little wombat and I love him :) Probably going to take him to the dog park tomorrow. Hopefully there will be smaller dogs there to check out!

Hope you have a good Sunday!

Michelle & Finnley


  1. He'll probably just be a red headed tri instead of a black headed tri :) You can usually tell what they'll be when they are super little because black headed tris are SUPER black and red headed tris have the little red eyebrows and cheeks :) Don't worry, he won't lose his black on his back though!

  2. Yeah I figured he'd just turn into a red headed tri :P