Saturday, July 30, 2011


Relaxing, enjoying some t.v. when all of a sudden a horrendous smell fills the air. You glance at your boyfriend and say "Gee wiz, was that you?!" and they reply "Gross, no. Was that you?" When both of you finally stop arguing who did it, you realize it was the dog... sleeping under the bed.

Yep, as hilariously gross as it is, my little bundle of joy is a gassy one. I'm attributing it to him eating WAY too fast. He barely takes a breath when he eats. I know that can be a cause of flatulence in a dog. I got him that Starmark bob-a-lot toy to help him slow down. I have seen improvements since I've gotten it for him. I fed him pretty much every meal in it for about a week. Then yesterday, I gave him his food in a bowl and he seemed to slow it down a bit. I feel like it's helped the stench a little, but I may have to switch foods. Any one have any ideas on a good food for a gassy pooch? I may have to do some more research.

With the lovely summer months, come creepy crawly bugs. My dear little Finn found himself exploring the yard tonight.  I heard a buzzing noise and saw him carrying around a cicada. AW YUCK! Puppies are so goofy. He just wanted to carry that cicada on the in the house and was very disgruntled when I declined it at the door. 

I think he forgave me because he is currently upside down next to me sleeping.

He sleeps so funny. How can one not love him! I just adore his little doggy stretches. AHHH he just kills me with cuteness every day! I'm so lucky to have him! Hopefully I can go to Petsmart tomorrow. He really needs a bigger collar. Hope he doesn't mind going with me. I'm sure he won't :P.

I will leave you with one more picture... 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Michelle & Finnley

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