Monday, July 25, 2011

A Feisty Puppy Named Finnley

If you are a Corgi enthusiast you know exactly how heartwarming it is to have a Corgi companion. I have been a Corgi mommy for about 3 months now and have been loving ALMOST every minute of it. Let me introduce you to my feisty little friend, Finnley.
He is about 3 months old in this picture and munchin' on some shower puffs. We bought new ones today and gave him the old ones. He absolutely loved them. Any ways, back to the original story :p I fell in love with the Corgi breed awhile back when I saw someone with an adorable puppy. Her name was Pheobe. So cute and my heart just melted. I never thought I'd actually get one (due to the price) and the fact that I still had an amazing dog at the time named Bear. My love for them went by the way side and life kept continuing on. Until about a year ago I lost that amazing dog named Bear unexpectedly to liver cancer. It came out of no where and was never detected at his visits to the vet. He became weak all of a sudden and could hardly stand. They found a mass in his liver about the size of a softball. They tried to operate but the little sweetheart was just too weak to recover. I lost a very good friend of 7 years that day and it broke my heart.  After that incident my mom and I decided it was just way too quiet in our house, but we were still heart broken from our loss. We decided to wait till I moved home from my final year at school to purchase a new family member. Fast forward a few months to April, my birthday month. I was starting to get really anxious and really wanted to have a new puppy when I moved home. Throughout the year I would look for dogs that needed homes and research breeds and what not. I just kept reading about Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I was absolutely in love with how cute their little smiles and tooshies were. I tried to talk my mom into getting one and she was not sold at first. "He's too tiny." We have always had larger dogs. After awhile she grew to like the breed. Then money became the issue. However, with graduation coming up, what a better way to congratulate a new college graduate than with an adorable corgi puppy?! Yep that's right we split the cost half and half. I then looked for a breeder around the area and found new puppies that were ready to go in June. JUNE!! I was moving home in May and was very anxious to get a puppy. However, I patiently awaited for June.  It helped to get adorable pictures such as these from the breeder.
First picture of Finnley
About 5 weeks

7ish weeks
I fell in love and could not wait for this baby boy. FINALLY June came and I went to go get my beloved puppy. The breeder told me to meet her about 45 mins to her work from my house. I drove to pick him up and wouldn't you know it... she FORGOT to bring the dog to work. I couldn't believe it. I was so devastated. She felt really bad and told me she would go home after work (about an hour away) and pick him up and drive him to me. (phew) I was immediately excited/nervous again.  After a rendezvous at a local McDonald's, I met the most adorable puppy that would change my world. He was so tiny. On the way home he was so snuggled into my neck. I loved it. I brought him home and he immediately started playing in the grass. After the adventure through the house, he passed out on a donut.
Ever since that first day he has been growing like a weed. He has days of ups and downs. Today he received the last of his puppy shots so now I feel safer about taking him places and introducing him to people. I can't wait to take him to Petsmart and the dog park! 

He love's water bottles and chasing the cat (cat doesn't like it so much). It's been extremely hot outside so I haven't really gotten the chance to take him on long walks or anything like that. We did go for a picnic the other day and he lovvvved it. With fall approaching, I will definitely take him on more walks and adventures so please stay tuned for all that! Also, I have plans for an adorable Halloween costume! (Yes I know it's a smidge too far away, but hey! he will be one cute puppy!)

Again, welcome to the journey of Michelle & Finnley. It's bound to be a wild ride. It has been so far :)

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