Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pine Cone Bandit

Newest discovery today... pine cones.

Every time I've taken Finnley out today he casually walks out, does his business, then casually explores, then out of no where I see him take off. I knew exactly what he had grabbed. Now he was making a run for it to the house.  I let him munch on it for just a few minutes because I don't think it's smart to let him chew on it and get those tiny pieces stuck in his throat. He sure looks funny carrying it around though. Such a cutie.

Let's see what else is on my mind... OH! I would like to get Finnley a buddy. I think he'd love to have a buddy to play with and what not. I love Corgis and reading all these blogs about Corgis I see a trend. They all have 2 corgis. I really would like to get another but the cost is kind of high. It would be really awesome to have a red one or cardigan. What are some pluses to having 2 corgis? I'd like to really consider this.


  1. Haha, I think Gibson likes pine cones too, but we do not have many around our yard for him to chew on.

    I am a one dog at a time kind of girl. I just feel like 2 would be too much! Especially if you ever need someone to watch them. Plus, it means 2 vet bills, twice as much food, and more difficult walks! That is just me though :)

    P.S. Just saw you graduated from Columbia College.. In Chicago, I assume? I went to the Illinois Institute of Art there :) We used to joke that we had a rivalry w/Columbia. Are you in the Chicago area now? Maybe someday we could meet up and have the corgis play!

  2. I did graduate from Columbia College Chicago! After I graduated I moved back home because I needed to save up money. So, I am not in Chicago now, I live about 3 hours south. I do go up there a lot though. I'm thinking about moving back up there when I have more money. I wish I lived closer because I bet our Corgi's would love to play! They seem to act a lot alike from what I've read in your blog. Maybe we can plan a visit sometime. Finnley loves the car.

    As for getting another corgi, I know I say I want another, but in all reality it would be so much work and really expensive. I'll never be able to move out! haha I'll just have to "oodle" over puppy pictures and snuggle up with my buddy. He's growing so fast though! I wish he'd stay a little guy forever! I'm excited for him to get past the chewing stage though.

    Any who!
    I hope you and Gibson have a great weekend!

  3. LOL! My Dozer does the same thing with gas - except you will hear this little Pfffft and he will look around as though he has no idea where it came from! LOL!

    I feed Dozer Canidae dry food. It was recommended to me by other corgi owners who say it is one of the best foods to keep the weight off corgis. You always want your boy to have a waist. One pound on a corgi is like ten pounds on a person!

    Love your blog, you go girl! I am originally from St. Charles, IL so I know Peoria!

  4. Awesome! Thanks I will check into some Canidae food. I've been keeping him in good shape so far. When it gets cooler I'm going to take him on lots of walks. He just hates going outside right now in the heat. Thanks so much for checking out and commenting on the blog. It means so much!