Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Much Finnley, So Little Time

I've been documenting like crazy lately. Taking the camera out constantly. Which is unusual for me. Usually I just rely on my "mental camera" and regret it later. NOT TODAY. After I saw the small selection of puppy pictures I had, and how fast my little one was growing, I decided I needed to take more pictures before he was a puppy no longer. Today, we started off with playing "towel" one of Finnley's favorites as of late. I was folding towels the other day and he kept stealing them. When he stole an old worn out beach towel,  I continued to egg him on. He just loved getting covered and "attacking" from under the towel.
Now you see me...
Now you don't...
Silly dog. As promised here is the newest toy Finnley likes to play with. He loves water bottles and hoards them like a squirrel. When I was a Target I saw a cute skunk with a water bottle inside. I bought it because I thought it was a cute way to utilize those darn water bottles that are lying all over my floor. It's called Pawdoodles Krinklers Skunk. 
It squeaks, crackles and crinkles! It's a Pawdoodle Krinkler! Strong durable plush skunk dog toy with a recyclable plastic water bottle inside to make the noise. Easy to replace. Squeaker in head and tail. 
Finnley loves his little skunk. I've already had to replace the bottle once since I've gotten it, but it's really easy to do. There is a little pouch under his tail that you can remove and replace the bottle. You can get one of these on Amazon for like $10 bucks. Not bad at all really. 

On a side note, the vet said that Finnley will be losing teeth soon which means he will be teething. I caught him chewing on a flip flop yesterday so I know it's not far. Any good suggestions on what type of toy is good for a teething pooch? I know Kong makes some good ones. I really need to just take him to Petsmart and see what he gravitates towards. I'd hate to buy him toys that he has no interest in. 

Also, I really want to take him to the dog park now that he has all of his shots, but I'm kinda nervous about letting him "loose." I really want him to burn off some energy and let him run around. He loves to go nuts in the house and it would be nice to let him go. We don't have a fenced in yard, so he is always on his leash. I'm just a little leery of him getting into trouble while hes off the leash and then running from me. Eventually he will park it though... his bursts don't last THAT long. I think he'll be alright. I'm going to talk him around the park before we actually go "in" it and see how he reacts. He doesn't really mind other dogs, but I haven't really had him around other dogs since the 4th of July. It will be a learning experience. I just really want to get him socialized. Whelp, in the next entry I'll let you know how the dog park went and possibly Petsmart. Here's to having some dawgy fun and getting this pup socialized! 

Have a good Wednesday,

Michelle & Finnley

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